memory stick data recoveryMemory Stick Data Recovery is 95% successful if the picture data is present. The Memory Stick, create by Sony, offers the benefits of recording various types of digital content and exchanging and sharing it among a wide variety of products. Memory Stick data recovery of accidentally deleted files or formatted cards depends on the product type. In case of problems -

  • Do not format or write additional files or pictures to the media card.
  • Low level formatting (zeroing) that over-writes the media data cannot be recovered properly.
  • Be sure to keep the media card or memory stick as is before tampering with it prior to shipping for best digital image recovery results.

Memory Stick data recovery of deleted images, corrupted files/images, bad or improper card formatting – anything that may have to do with broken or mishandled file or format integrity is usually recoverable with simple, free software that you can download from the internet.

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