Anyone that’s worked with computers for a hot minute knows the frustration and in some cases the abject terror of sudden data loss.

In most cases, the heart stopping fear is quite simply a result of NO BACKUP!

Being a compulsive hand-washing, nailbiting, anal retentive web junkie; I always have at least 2 backups at anytime. Obviously, I’ve been burned many times and I expect it will happen again when lightning strikes the transformer in front of my house and turns all my computers and external disks to smoking, toxic piles of PCB. But, that’s just a sweat soaked nightmare I have that will probably never happen.

“Backing Up” for Doomsday and inevitable data loss has become second nature to me now, “Like breathing out and breathing in”, and almost as effortless.

There’s a very simple trick to recovering data, and that’s to do it before you write anything to disk. Depending on how much data we’re talking about, it could be minutes to hours and in most cases there’s no call for the rusty razorblades.