data recovery aidData Recovery Aid comes in many forms. Companies providing data recovery services know that individuals and companies that do not backup their systems and data are obviously at great risk, and will be in need of data recovery aid sooner or later. Businesses that want to disaster proof their data must make sure that it is in a secure off site location and only available to authorized individuals.

Tape backups are not generally encrypted, not very secure, and not recommended. Almost anyone can read them and gain access to your clients, sales, prospects, notes, billing records, payroll, tax info, and anything else on your computer.

The popular technique for file system repair is to assume very little about the state of the file system, and simply rebuild the file system from scratch.

Another strategy involves scanning the entire drive and making note of all file system structures and possible file boundaries, then trying to match what was located to the specifications of a working file system.

This technique generally does not repair the underlying file system, but merely allows for data to be extracted from it to another storage device. Notably slower than consistency checking, this method can, however, recover data even when the logical structures are almost completely destroyed.

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