cd data recoveryCD Data Recovery Steps:

  • Turn your computer off and unplug it as soon as you have determined there is a CD Data Recovery problem. Don’t restart it until it has been inspected by an expert.
  • Do not use data recovery software until you have consulted with an expert. Generally speaking, data recovery software designed for consumer use should only be used for extremely simple cases. When using this type of software on severe problems it may aggravate the situation.
  • Do not reinstall software. Not even the Operating System. When you reinstall a program, or simply save something to your hard drive it could write over information you are attempting to recover.
  • Do not try to open your hard drive. The hard drive should only be accessed in a controlled environment and at that, using techniques approved by the manufacturer.
  • If you’ve already opened the hard drive; replace the cover very carefully and don’t touch the disks. Be aware that opening the hard drive will increase the recovery cost.

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