cheap computer partsThe demand for Cheap Computer Parts is increasing as people are keeping their computers longer. Maintaining your system with up-to-date computer parts will keep you machine running smoother with less malfunctions and the need for data recovery.

Building and repairing a computer is probably easier than you think, and the savings will surprise you. You can find everything you need on the internet to put together a quality system designed by and for you.

You will easily find the computer parts and related technical manuals and information that assures you the latest and most advanced systems.

Everything starts with the MOTHERBOARD, which serves as the home of the brain (CPU) and the memory (RAM).

A motherboard must be designed for each new CPU (386, 486, Pentium). The majority of CPU’s is Intel however AMD is a favorite alternative.

Memory is what the CPU uses to execute it’s programs. The CPU never looks directly at the information on your floppy disk or your hard drive. The CPU reads this information from the memory and acts on it. Random Access Memory (RAM) is where the CPU finds it’s instructions. Sometimes a “D” is added to the front of “RAM,” which makes the word “DRAM.” The “D” stands for dynamic, because everything in DRAM disappears when the computer is turned off.

Lots of memory is good! In fact with todays programs (especially games), it’s almost impossible to have to much memory.

Every computer will have a keyboard and a monitor. Other “peripherals” include a mouse, a printer, a telephone wire, a joystick, and speakers.

Hard-to-find computer parts that both professionals and amateurs need are sold, serviced, and guaranteed to meet industry standards. Product information, photos, training and support are available online 24 hours a day.

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