Computer Checks are compatible with most popular PC accounting software packages, such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Money, Dac Easy, MYOB, and others. Computer checks are printed by laser or inkjet printer using your computer program. Your logo can be included on your checks (sometimes free of charge). Save your logo on a BMP file, and attach it to an e-mail with your order.

Most check companies will mail or fax a sample package of their products and prices. Although orders may be accepted by phone or fax; the companies will need a voided check and deposit slip for your bank’s MICR coding line. You may prefer to ask your bank for the MICR encoding specification sheet for your account. Computer checks contain many advanced security features to help prevent fraud.

A very common internet scam, often from Nigerians or Russians, asks people for help putting money (usually millions of dollars) into the victims American bank (they need your account# of course). Or, they ask you to put your money up front first as a goodwill gesture, then disappear with the checks.

Another popular scheme targets someone selling something on the internet. The scammer offers more than the asked price. He asks the seller to send the difference to a friend. Then, the “buyer’s” computer checks bounce.

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