computer repairComputer Repair will be needed by every user, sooner or later. If the computer is inoperable, immediately contact the manufacturer’s computer repair or tech-support phone line. Don’t Panic, turn the computer off, wait two minutes, then turn it back on, check for loose cables, and update and run your antivirus program. Many times a simple “reboot” will clear up whatever was causing the problem.

Newer operating systems have upgraded the troubleshooting features on their Help systems with quizes on what’s going wrong, then suggest a solution. The operating systems often provide a button or link in the error box to get further help, either from your PC’s Help system or from the Internet.

A solution can often be found in “Help”. From Start, select Help, then Search, type in “error,” and look through the options listed to see if any match your problem. Often, one-time errors go away if you merely shut down your open programs and then reboot the machine.

If you have bought a new computer and components are missing from the box, immediately pack up the computer, take it back to the store, and demand an exchange. Something missing from inside the box suggests the computer may have been returned because of a problem. Demand a full replacement. If your computer is still under warranty, it may be replaced with a later model instead of performing a computer repair.

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