computer telephonyComputer Telephony is a recent technology that will completely change the world’s phone systems. There are 3 methods of computer telephony.

ATA which allows you to connect a standard phone to your computer or your Internet connection. Simply plug the cable from your phone that would normally go in the wall socket into the ATA, and begin making calls.

IP Phones look like normal, but instead of having the standard RJ-11 phone connectors, IP phones have an RJ-45 Ethernet connector and connect directly to your router.

Computer-to-computer is the easiest way to use telephony, and you don’t even have to pay for long-distance calls. All you need is the software, a microphone, speakers, a sound card, and a broadband connection. Skype, developed by KaZaA founders, is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way for individual customers to begin using telephony.

Running on most major operating systems, including Windows XP and 2000, Linux, Pocket PC for portable devices, and Mac OS, you don’t even need to configure your firewall or router or any other networking gear. Computer telephony calls are highly secure with end-to-end encryption, and excellent sound quality.

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