computer trainingComputer Training should include essentials, such as changing drives, changing folders, and opening files. Basic computer training will also include instructions on configuring e-mail, backing up files, virus protection, browser cache, browser cookies, browser plug-ins, electronic mail, sending an e-mail, reply to an e-mail, multiple recipients, cut and paste, Eudora mail, Outlook mail, and attachments.

An excellent computer school will also offer training in computer hardware, components of a PC, connector ports, data cables, the power supply, installing memory, installing adapter cards, removing adapter cards, drive controllers, hard drives, formatting a drive, video cards, system software, desktop properties, creating a shortcut, finding files, creating folders, drag and drop, help, and drives and directories.

Also, helpful is computer training for screen savers, wildcards and files, word processing basics, text appearance, spell check, Thesaurus, tables, columns, footnotes and endnotes, importing graphics, embedding a spreadsheet, linking a spreadsheet, drag and drop, Word, WordPerfect, computer security, securing your PC, anti-virus software, and firewalls.

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