digital camerasSome Digital Cameras are only slightly larger than a credit card, and 3-megapixel model digital cameras will easily print an 8×10 image. The great thing about digital photography is the low cost of taking pictures. With no film to buy or processing costs, the cost of an image is basically nothing.

For traditional photography, you need a camera, film and a darkroom with chemicals, photographic paper and an enlarger. With digital imaging, you still need a camera, but now the computer, software and printer become your “digital” darkroom.

digital camerasInstead of focusing light onto a piece of film, the camera focuses it onto a semiconductor that records light into tiny dots of light (pixels) creating an electronic image. Digital cameras create images composed of millions of pixels. Resolution is measure in megapixels (the prefix “mega” signifies one million), and most units range from two to six megapixels. The higher the resolution, the greater the detail of the image.

If you want a minimum of hassle, then a point and shoot camera is the best choice for you. However, if you’d like more control over your images, a camera with manual controls would be your choice. There are digital cameras for almost any budget. Point and shoot cameras start around $200. Professional models can run into thousands.

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