data disaster planningData Disaster Planning Center backup services are now much more sophisticated and reliable than simple tape backups. Data disaster planning center clients ran their former backup services on tape for years without ever changing their configurations or experiencing a “disaster”. But, it only takes one catastrophe to change your mindset.

A major risk of tape systems is that even when all indicators point to successful backups, the restores fail. Secondly, most companies using tape systems don’t employ a secondary fail-safe system. Backup systems usually have redundancy built in. Redundancy is the key to data security, so you can never have too many backups.

Mirrored hardware only protects you from a hardware failure. Since 90% of data loss is due to data corruption or user error, mirrored equipment offers no protection as corrupt data gets instantly written to the mirror. The only data disaster planning that works is restoring from a backlog of backups.

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