enigma softwareEnigma Software was founded by Colorado Stark and Alvin Estevez in 1999. SpyHunter, is the Enigma software spyware removal utility. The company also offers a firewall, and a popup stopper. These products are offered as free versions, as well as fully-supported versions to paid customers. Also under development are products to prevent hijacking and spam.

Spyware and adware have become major concerns on the internet as they can “hijack” a user’s control over his computer by secretly installing software, changing settings, and sharing personal and private information to unidentfiable third parties.

Foremost of Enigma software principles is the belief that the consumer should always have clear notice in advance of what software is being installed on their computers, either as single programs or as part of a bundle, and that the user should be provided sufficient information to understand the function and purpose of each program before it is installed.

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