hard drive repair utilityHard Drive Repair Utility is one of the Drive Fitness Technologies. Hard Drive Repair Utility (Drive Fitness Test (DFT)) uses a PC-based program to access special hard drive microcode that is designed to enable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system manufacturers and service providers to diagnose the proper operation of hard drives.

Drive Fitness technologies, a set of diagnostic tools, such as DFT and Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), provide self-test capabilities and error logging.

Designed to deal with problem situations where computer users suspect hard disk malfunction, the DFT application can be integrated into the computer system’s diagnostic package. System integrators can allocated by CD-ROM, diskette, or in a specific protected partition on the hard drive. DFT can then be refered to by the end user, possibly at the instruction of the system OEM telephone support personnel.

DFT has found that, in most problem situations, a suspected hardrive problem is in fact not a malfunctioning hard disk. In this way, the DFT hard drive repair utility can appreciably reduce end user disturbance and the growing expense related with hard disk replacement, while helping computer users locate the root cause of the problem.

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