hard drive data recoveryHard Drive Data Recovery is no problem if you have a recent backup. Uh, you have a backup right? Data loss due to accidental delete, power surge, partition and file corruption can usually be recovered with free data recovery software downloads. If the problem is a physically damaged disk, you’ll probably need a hard drive data recovery professional.

Check your backup files to make sure you’ve saved more than just a file directory or listing. Fully restore back-ups periodically, because disaster will always strike when you are least prepared for it. Always save undo files to a flash disk when you’re using utility programs. If a utility program doesn’t allow you to undo program repairs, don’t use it.

Hard drive data recovery experts recommend that you not buy all your hard drives from the same manufacturer’s lot because these drives will often fail together.

If an unusual noise accompanies a failure message. Don’t run any repair utilities – the recovery engineer will thank you. If the machine is already booted up, run a backup immediately. Shut down the computer to avoid further damage.

A common technique of hard drive data recovery involves scanning the entire drive, making note of all file system structures and possible file boundaries, and then try to match any errors to the specifications of a working file system. This is decidely slower than consistency checking, but, it can recover data even if the logical construction is almost entirely destroyed. This technique, as a rule, does not repair the basic file system, but permits the data to be copied to another storage device.

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