internet securityInternet Security is the concern of anyone with an internet connection. If you have downloaded music or images (especially porn) and your computer is running slower than normal and you’re being annoyed by ┬ápop-ups, your computer internet security has probably been compromised by software known as “spyware“, “adware“, “rootkit“, “keylogger” or some other type of “malware“. If you don’t care to purchase a “Pro” internet security antivirus program, there are many free basic computer and internet security downloads such as AVG that protect very well.

The best internet security is a constant awareness of the not so clear but ever present dangers online. Many users carelessly and unknowingly download malware onto their computers. Has your home page been mysteriously changed, or have unwanted new sites suddenly appeared in your favorites that you never added? A computer virus can seriously affect computer performance and productivity by using your system resources, CPU time, RAM memory, disk space and internet bandwidth, making your PC slower (which could be the least of your problems). It can make your computer crash and even shut down automatically. Antivirus and internet security awareness are your best defense.

You can either remove each spyware program manually, or use a spyware utility to automatically eliminate the “spies”. Some parasites can be removed through a computer’s control panel. ┬áJust click on “Add or Remove Programs”, find the spyware uninstaller, if it is listed there, and then remove it. Some spyware can not be eliminated in this manner, however, there are free internet security downloads that can usually take care of the invaders.

To manually remove the invader, you first have to determine what type of malware has infected your computer. Free downloads of internet security programs will usually locate the infection. There are several excellent, free internet security downloads such as Micro Trend internet security that will scan your computer and inform you of the names of the computer viruses and malware programs, and their location in your PC.

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