nas data recoveryNAS Data Recovery (Network Attatched Storage) is a disk storage system that comes pre-built with its own processor, memory, operating system, and hard drives.

Generally, NAS data recovery will incorporate some type of RAID storage for data protection of its hard disks and may use a tape backup. The intended use of a NAS disk subsystem is to replace a traditional storage server.

The continuous generation of large amounts of data by applications such as email has made traditional backup methods slow and impractical. Backing up directly and then archiving the data to tape significantly reduces the backup time and provides rapid restores.

Every business relies on the data and applications on their servers. A NAS will allow you to offload non-application dependant data from your servers and place them on the NAS disk subsystem. This will free up your servers to do what they do best which is run your applications.

A NAS disk appliance will operate well in a heterogeneous environment consisting of Windows, UNIX, Netware and even Apple. NAS data recovery also supports most security protocols with the option to use security on the appliance itself or use pass through authentication.

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