data recovery softwareSoftware for Data Recovery will usually restore “lost” or deleted files that are not the result of physical damage to the computer or drives. Data recovery experts recommend following these simple steps if and when data-disaster strikes:

1. Turn the computer off. If a hard drive is making any sort of unusual sounds (including the dreaded clicking) it is imperative that the computer is shut down immediately to avoid further damage to the data. Rebooting or continuing to let a failing drive run can literally make it self-destruct.

2. Never attempt to fix the problem yourself. By opening or operating on a hard drive without the proper knowledge, tools or environment, one could potentially cause more problems for the drive and the data, resulting in less of a chance for an affordable, successful recovery.

3. Be wary of do-it-yourself computer data recovery software. In most cases, users have only one chance to recover data. Although DIY data recovery software can seem like a less expensive alternative, it can be a potentially dangerous one.

Data recovery tools often use PC-based programs to access special hard drive microcode that is designed to enable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) system manufacturers and service providers diagnose the proper operation of hard drives.

Many companies, like Drive Fitness Technologies (DFT) use sets of diagnostic tools, such as Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), that provide error logging and self-test capabilities.

These applications are designed to handle situations where users suspect hard drive malfunction. Recovery programs can be integrated into the system diagnostic package, with system integrators distributed by diskette, CD-ROM, or in a special protected partition on the hard drive. Data recovery experts can then be contacted by the end user, for assistance and direction from the system OEM telephone support staff.

It has been found, in most problem situations, that a suspected hard drive is in fact not malfunctioning at all. Users can significantly reduce the disruption and the expense associated with hard drive replacement with simple software for data recovery while determining the root cause of the problem.

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