undelete fileUndelete File software allows you to recover files that were never actually deleted. The key to data recovery is to act before the files are overwritten with new data.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to safely recover your files. Whenever you delete a file, it is only marked as deleted, and later overwritten by the operating system with new data.

If you accidentally delete files and intend to recover them, stop using your computer or the drive that contains the deleted data. The more you use your computer, the more you reduce your chances of recovery.

There are plenty of reasons why your hard drive should be partitioned into more than one volume – and recovering deleted data is an excellent one.

Do not install the undelete or recovery software to the drive you are attempting to recover from. Adding the installation files to the disk may overwrite the files you want to recover.

Never restore files to the same drive you are recovering them from. As the target undelete file is recreated on the disk, they could actually overwrite some of the files that you intend to recover.

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